Kewatec Aluboat

For sale: Kewatec Serecraft S8


Serecraft S8 is a boat engineered as a tough work boat / commuter vessel. Suit for a large application of use: fish farm service vessel, dredger support vessel, port control, towing, pushing – you name it! This small but efficient boat is designed according to the Workboat rules (NBS-Y).

Equipped with a single Yanmar engine, durable shaft drive and protected rudder. The hull is protected with heavy-duty PEHD fenders – also below the waterline! The massive engine room hatch enable easy access and maintenance.

The centrally located wheelhouse is housing 2 suspended seats as well as a separate sofa. Sliding door on the starboard side of the wheelhouse and direct access to the aft deck through the aft cabin door. 360 degree visibility through big the big windows.

Build: 2020

Hours used: 0

Price: 230 000 €

Model Serecraft
Length 7.9 m
Beam 2.99 m
Displacement 4 t
Engine 330 HP
Propulsion Propeller
Fuel 350 LITER
Draft 1.1 m
Crew 1
Passengers 9

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