Refit and Service

We have over 20 years of experience in planning and constructing boats for professional use. When it comes to services, our staff will assist you with everything from service and repair to consulting on spare parts.

Kewatec, with its in-house experts, has a broad experience in building boats and therefore also many years of knowledge within services. It doesn’t make a difference, whether the service is performed where your boat is located or in our workshop. The choice is yours.

Service and Repair

  • Inboard and outboard engines
  • Shaft drive and water jet
  • Aluminium construction welding works
  • Systems and equipments
  • Annual inspections
  • Painting

Docking and Winter Storage

  • Docking
  • Washing
  • Painting
  • Launching

Upgading engines and drivelines

  • Performed on work boats from any manufacturer
  • Installation planning
  • Structural adjustments
  • Testing

Modernization and refit

  • Both for new and older boats
  • Hull extensions
  • Deck modifications
  • Wheelhouse changes
  • Improvements on work ergonomics
  • Upgrade of navigation and electronics

Sandblasting and Painting

  • Sand, soda, and glass blasting 
  • Painting according to customer preferences

Rib Work

  • Hypalon and PVC work for aluminum and fiberglass hulls 
  • Pontoon replacement 
  • Crack repairs 
  • Coatings 
  • Equipment replacement

Fiberglass Work

  • Repairs of fiberglass hulls 
  • Repairs with all market fiber materials 
  • Gelcoat and painting work 
  • Structural changes and accessory manufacturing

Heard from customer

“We have used Kewatec AluBoat’s service and docking services for many years and we are very pleased. We especially appreciate the efficient work planning and the customized service they offer.“
Aki Marjasvaara
Finnpilot Pilotage

Download our Service Brochure

In our service brochure you will find current information about the services.

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Jani Ahlberg

Service & Repair Manager

Kai Autio

Field service