Kewatec Aluboat



The Sales manager of Oy Kewatec AluBoat Ab, Jan Wargh, signed in Gdansk, Poland, on February 5, 2019 a contract for the delivery of a Kewatec Pilot 1620 pilot boat to the southern Baltic Sea with the representatives of Gdansk Pilot Sp. Z o.o. Marek Torbicki and Mariusz Narkiewicz and with the representative of the financier of the business, Alica Cymbaluk. The boat will be delivered in spring 2020.

Pilot 1620 is a fast pilot boat (top speed 27 knots) designed for tough use in rough conditions. In addition to the Nordic countries, it is also used in Germany.

The representatives of Gdansk Pilot had previously inquired in Sweden and heard good about Pilot 1620. Then the boat was tested in Finland. All this has convinced the customer that this is the right pilot boat for the Gdansk waters.

The actual Polish partner of the contract is the company mLeasing, and the company mFinanse takes care of the financing of the business. They both belong to the mBank Group. Even the financier is pleased about a new product on their pallet.

Through this deal, Kewatec will soon be represented in a second Hanseatic city on the southern Baltic Sea: Towards the end of 2018, a fishery inspection boat built in Kokkola was delivered to Rostock, and now a pilot boat is going to be built for the GdaƄsk, old Danzig, pilots.

The Baltic Sea is still a natural environment for businesses that benefit everyone.