21 May, 2024
The Vesille till havs fair in Karleby returns on May 25-26, offering an unforgettable
16 May, 2024
Our Ambulance 2280 CAT boats were christened in a spectacular ceremony named Romsdalsjenta and
14 March, 2024
We have expanded our services in the Refit and Service to include Rib and
27 February, 2024
Kewatec has signed a contract for a new pilot boat to serve the pilotage
29 January, 2024
Kewatec has delivered two new Ambulance 2280 fast catamarans to Norway, marking a step
17 January, 2024
The Norwegian Coastal Administration has taken delivery of two Kewatec Work 1500 workboats, further
15 November, 2023
Kewatec has signed a contract with the Eastern Uusimaa Rescue Department to build a
13 October, 2023
Reykjavík, Iceland – The latest search and rescue boat for the Icelandic Search and
7 September, 2023
In a development for the fishing industry, a fishing vessel designed for net fishing
28 August, 2023
Kewatec has delivered five Work 1920 service boats to its customer, the Finnish Defence
23 August, 2023
The vessel is planned to undergo testing in the coming weeks, with delivery scheduled
22 May, 2023
Vesille Till Havs – Exhibition returns to Kokkola on May 27-28, offering boat enthusiasts and
17 May, 2023
Kewatec has launched four newly built Work 1920 boats from its shipyard in Lahdenperä,
10 May, 2023
The Kewatec Work 1500 CAT boat, manufactured at the Porvoo shipyard, has now been
21 March, 2023
All photos from the christening by: Gudmund Løvø/NGU The hybrid vessel e-Work 2390 Survey, manufactured by Kewatec
14 March, 2023
Government of the Republic of Cyprus – Ministry of Justice and Public Order –
14 February, 2023
The 23-meter-long research vessel “Ocean Seeker” has been handed over. The Kewatec e-Work 2360
7 February, 2023
The City of Kiel Fire Department has ordered a new hybrid boat. The boat
31 January, 2023
At the beginning of last year, we delivered the first Ambulance 2200 fast catamaran
16 January, 2023
Kewatec has signed a contract with the Norwegian Defence Material Agency to provide 12
3 January, 2023
The Finnish Lifeboat Institution boat fleet is growing. The fleet will most recently be
9 November, 2022
The new search and rescue boat for the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association (ICE-SAR,
23 September, 2022
The Norwegian Coastal Administration has announced the provider for their procurement of new workboats.
2 September, 2022
Kewatec builds the twelfth pilot boat and the ninth Pilot 1820 boat for Buksér
17 August, 2022
Kewatec delivered the first service boat to the Finnish Navy at the handover and
15 July, 2022
A year ago, an agreement was signed with the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association
15 June, 2022
Kewatec has delivered two additional Rescue 1000 OB boats to the Finnish Lifeboat Institute
13 May, 2022
Kewatec has delivered a 14-meter work and research boat to Svalbard. Serecraft S14 was first transported
25 April, 2022
Kewatec manufactures four transport boats for the Finnish Navy, the first of which has
18 February, 2022
Serecraft W14 FiFi, built at Kewatec’s Porvoo shipyard, has been awarded the best medium-sized
15 February, 2022
At the beginning of the year, we delivered a new ambulance boat to Austevoll
7 February, 2022
Last month we delivered a new fishing boat to Jim Nikolaisen, a fisherman in
12 November, 2021
This week, we handed over another popular boat, Kewatec Pilot 1630, to the pilot
26 October, 2021
Kewatec has delivered a Rescue 1400 lifeboat to the Austrian Water Rescue Association in
8 September, 2021
Kewatec has manufactured 5 high-speed Patrol 1850 boats for the Romanian Border Police. The boats are
20 August, 2021
Kewatec renews its logo and unites its graphic profile as part of the company’s
18 August, 2021
Kewatec has signed an agreement with the Swedish company Midocean AB for the delivery
12 August, 2021
Kewatec has signed a contract with The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command. The contract,
8 July, 2021
Kewatec has signed a contract with the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association (ICE-SAR, Slysavarnafélagið
6 July, 2021
Kewatec has participated in the hand-over of a new Serecraft W14 FiFi fire- and rescue boat
1 July, 2021
Kewatec has signed a contract with the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) to deliver
16 July, 2020
Kewatec AluBoat Oy Ab and Weldmec Marine Ab, both manufacturers of aluminum made professional

Kewatec has throughout its history designed and delivered hundreds of vessels in aluminum to its worldwide clientele. The product range includes patrol boats, SAR boats, workboats for a variety of duties, passenger boats, firefighting & oil recovery boats, pilot boats, and fishing & aquaculture boats – many customized to specific requirements and all made for professional use.

As of January 1st, 2022, Kewatec has merged with Weldmec Marine Ltd and continues to serve its customers from locations in Porvoo and Kokkola as Kewatec Shipyards. Our Norwegian subsidiary Martec A/S continues to serve the Norwegian market.

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