Successful Launch of Third SC SAR 17 Vessel for Reykjavik, Iceland

23 August, 2023

The vessel is planned to undergo testing in the coming weeks, with delivery scheduled for the autumn season to ICE-SAR, Slysavarnafélagið Landsbjörg. The SC SAR 17 has been recognized for its effective performance in search and rescue operations, marking another achievement in Kewatec’s dedication to providing advanced solutions for maritime safety and civil security. With a history of reliable performance, these vessels have gained acknowledgment for their dependability and versatility in critical situations.

The delivery of the third SC SAR 17 vessel to Reykjavik will showcase Kewatec’s commitment to meeting international customer needs. The vessel’s thorough testing phase will ensure it meets the highest quality and performance standards before the official handover in the upcoming autumn.

The vessel’s attributes, including its advanced technology, durability, and swift response capabilities, position it as a valuable asset for the Icelandic maritime community.

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