New Fishing Vessel Norcraft 1099-470 Delivered

7 September, 2023

In a development for the fishing industry, a fishing vessel designed for net fishing has just been delivered. This vessel promises to redefine the way we approach net fishing, thanks to its innovative features and capacity. With a load capacity of approximately 20 tons, this fishing vessel offers excellent capabilities. This capacity allows fishermen to target large hauls while maintaining efficiency and productivity. The vessel was delivered to Norway last week at Hellnes Fiske, Elnesvågen.

Beyond its load capacity, the vessel is also designed to provide comfort for the crew. The cabin boasts a comfortable control center, as well as a spacious lounge area complete with a well-equipped galley and a cozy seating arrangement with tables. This focus on crew comfort ensures that long fishing expeditions remain enjoyable and efficient.

The lower deck houses two generously sized cabins, each equipped with three bunks. Additionally, the vessel features a roomy restroom with a shower. Notably, the restroom is equipped with a separate drying area accessible from the deck. These accommodations are designed to cater to the crew’s needs during extended fishing trips.

To facilitate efficient fishing operations, an external control station is strategically placed on the vessel. This external station streamlines fishing activities and ensures that the crew has optimal visibility and control during net deployments.

The vessel is powered by a 400hp Scania DI13 engine, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions. Furthermore, it features both bow and stern thrusters, enhancing its maneuverability and making it well-suited for net fishing. To support extended journeys, the vessel is equipped with 2,000-liter fuel tanks and a 215-liter freshwater tank. These resources ensure the vessel can stay at sea for extended periods, increasing fishing efficiency.

Norcraft 1099-470 boasts navigation electronics, featuring a combination of Simrad and Olex systems. This technology provides the crew with precise navigation tools. This fishing vessel is set to revolutionize net fishing with its capacity, crew-focused design, and advanced features.