Kewatec will provide two workboats for the Norwegian Coastal Administration

23 September, 2022

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has announced the provider for their procurement of new workboats. Kewatec AluBoat won the procurement because of the best overall score on quality. The procurements include two 15-meter workboats and one option. The total value for the procurement is € 4,7 M. The boats will be delivered next year.

Kewatec AluBoat has built several workboats in the last years and workboats are one of their specialties. The offered boats are based on an earlier model – the Kewatec Work 1500.

Kewatec is the provider that received the best overall score on quality. The workboats offered have characteristics that we (Norwegian Coastal Administration) believe are best suited to our application and the maintenance teams’ work operations and are considered the workboat that best safeguards both reliability and operational efficiency.

Hull has very good stability. Propulsion lines are well-dimensioned and facilitate very high operational stability. Arrangements for fuel and engines are adapted for methanol operation. Equipment and superstructures are of high quality and well adapted to our application and work operations. Cranes offered a range of wishes from the maintenance teams that will provide the greatest capacity utilization for us when performing maintenance assignments.

In addition, Kewatec has in its construction program and with its project organization, including personnel, chosen a solution that we consider a suitable method for handling the work process until delivery, in a risk-reducing and efficient manner.

Norwegian Coastal Administration

Norwegian Coastal Administration is a Norwegian government agency responsible for the water transport infrastructure along the 9,200 km Coast of Norway. It is responsible for coastal navigation infrastructure,  and harbor and port infrastructure, including lighthouses. The agency is led by the Coastal Directorate (Kystdirektoratet) and is subordinate to the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs. The main office is in Ålesund.