Kewatec delivered a new workboat to the Norwegian Coastal Administration

13 June, 2024

Kewatec has delivered a new 14.9 meter workboat, MS “Runde”, to the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket). This boat continues our successful collaboration and once again demonstrates Kewatec’s ability to meet customers’ demands for high-quality and sustainable vessels.

MS “Runde”, which is 4.6 meters longer than its predecessor, was designed and built at Kewatec’s shipyard in Porvoo, Finland. It is a sister vessel to MS “Skrova” and MS “Stabben”, which were delivered in December. The vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art environmentally friendly engines (IMO Tier III) that can be adapted to use methanol as a future fuel.

The boat will be used for maintenance of lighthouses and maritime marks in central Norway. MS “Runde” offers excellent working conditions and is designed to meet user needs based on several years of experience. The vessel has a spacious deck, good storage spaces, and is approved for towing and lifting operations.

The boats are a significant addition to Kystverket’s fleet and provide them with an important tool for maintaining maritime safety and responding to emergencies.

Kewatec thanks Kystverket for their trust and looks forward to continuing our successful collaboration. The boat’s godmother, Aina Jasmin Flobergsundet, christened MS “Runde” with seawater.

The photos were taken by: Olav Helge Matvik and Alf Arne Borgund/Kystverket