Improving Emergency Services in Norway with New Ambulance Catamarans

29 January, 2024

Kewatec has delivered two new Ambulance 2280 fast catamarans to Norway, marking a step in strengthening emergency medical services. Following the earlier delivery of the first vessel, these two new catamarans are now in operation in Smøla and Romsdalsfjorden.

The Ambulance 2280 is a versatile catamaran designed to navigate challenging waters. Built on an aluminium catamaran hull and powered by two Volvo Penta D13 diesel engines, these vessels are engineered to provide fast and efficient emergency medical services. In comparison to the previous Ambulance 2200 vessel, these new catamarans feature Kongsberg Kamewa waterjets, enhancing their manoeuvrability and responsiveness.

Functional Facilities

The interior of the Ambulance 2280 is designed to accommodate 12 passengers, including a patient area equipped with stretchers. In addition to medical facilities, the boats have practical and ergonomic interiors, two toilets, a shower, and a kitchen, ensuring a comprehensive and comfortable environment for emergency response.

Addressing Unique Challenges of Norway

While ambulance boats may not be common in the global market, the extensive archipelago and coastal islands of Norway demand innovative solutions for mobile hospitals and patient transport services. Ordered by Buksér og Berging in Oslo, these boats complement Kewatec’s deliveries of professional boats.

Welcome, Helse Møre and Romsdal

The two new vessels are named Helse Møre and Romsdal, symbolizing their dedicated service areas. With a length of 22.8 meters and a width of 7.6 meters, these catamarans exemplify Kewatec’s commitment to developing emergency response capabilities. With a fuel capacity of 2 x 1200 liters and a freshwater capacity of 335 liters, the Ambulance 2280 catamarans are ready to play a crucial role in enhancing emergency services in Norway’s demanding maritime conditions.