Five Kewatec Patrol 1850 boats delivered from Kokkola to Rotterdam on their own keels

8 September, 2021

Kewatec has manufactured 5 high-speed Patrol 1850 boats for the Romanian Border Police. The boats are 18.5 meters long, and 4.7 meters wide and are designed for safe working in comfortable interiors. The boats are equipped with twin engines and waterjets and are intended for patrol and border guard operations.

The boats were driven from Kokkola to Rotterdam at the beginning of September. The journey of 1215 Nm (2250 km) was performed in about 75 hours. The journey started from the shipyard in Kokkola through Uusikaupunki, Finland, Kalmar, Sweden, and through the Kiel Canal in Germany to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In Rotterdam, the boats were lifted onto an inland waterway cargo ship, which is estimated to arrive in Constanta, Romania in 14 days.

The boats faced both calm weather and challenging sea states, but the crew gave the boats very good feedback. The boats were traveling steadily at any speed and the waves of a few meters did not prolong the journey.

The trip involved a crew of a total of 15 people, three crew members per boat. You can see from the pictures below, how our trip went.