A large research vessel has been handed over

14 February, 2023

The 23-meter-long research vessel “Ocean Seeker” has been handed over. The Kewatec e-Work 2360 Survey is the first of two boats to go to Sweden for research purposes. The boat’s home port will be Visby, Gotland. 

The length of the vessel is 23 meters, and the width is 6.4 meters. The vessel is mainly designed for the study of the Baltic Sea. The vessel has a laboratory, research, and accommodation facilities for up to 6 people, as well as equipment so that you can stay at sea for a few days. Midocean is the shipping company that will operate the ship and Voice of the Ocean is a foundation that performs on-board marine research across a range of disciplines.

What does Voice of the Ocean do?

Voice of the Ocean leads, supports and promotes science and communication about the ocean and its dynamic processes. With a holistic approach, Voice of the Ocean investigates the interaction between man and the sea. Historically, present, and in the future.

The vessel is equipped with electric motors, which will enable the vessel to operate for several hours and take samples without the diesel engines running.  The aft deck is fitted with an A-frame lift, winch, and crane for handling the research equipment. The aft deck also has a weatherproof space, which creates excellent and safe working conditions at sea.

The vessels are equipped with Volvo D13-600 SCR IMO Tier III engines, Twindisc reversal gear, and Escopower hybrid drive units. El & Marinteknik AB has designed and built parts of the electrical system.

Another similar vessel “Ocean Nomad” is currently in the final stages of production and will be handed over this year.