Kewatec Aluboat

A new shipbuilding contract for two workboats to Lake Constance


Kewatec AluBoat is currently building two work boats for use as oil recovery and fire-fighting on the German Lake Constance. The boats will be built on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg, and the boats will be delivered during the summer of 2019 to Lake Constance for use in the cities of Friedrichshafen and Konstanz.

The Ministry of the Interior recently decided on additional funding, which led to Kewatec AluBoat receiving an order for two more work boats. These boats will be in the cities of Radolfzell and Überlingen. Delivery takes place in May 2020.

The work boats are extensively equipped for fire and oil control, rescue missions and technical assistance. The main equipment of the boats is a powerful fire fighting pump, water and foam cannons, a hydraulic crane, heavy duty pumps, a support boat on the deck and a remote-controlled thermal camera. The work boats are powered by two powerful Volvo D8 – 550 main engines. The drive is via two straight shafts. In addition, a diesel generator of 30 kW and another diesel engine are installed for the operation of the fire pump.

“The new work boats improve safety on Lake Constance considerably. Following the delivery of these work boats, we have a fleet of four modern and efficient boats that enable us to fulfil our tasks well. The work boats will be used on Lake Constance for all possible accidents. The cooperation with Kewatec AluBoat is characterized by a high level of expertise and trust, we are very pleased with Kewatec AluBoat’s work and look forward to the new work boats.Says fire brigade manager Henning Nöh.

The CEO of Kewatec AluBoat, Jens Ahlskog, is very grateful for the new order.“It is a great honor for us to build boats for the rescue service. The work of saving people, fighting fires and protecting sensitive nature cannot be overestimated. We are happy to contribute to a safe common future in this way.”