Kewatec Aluboat

Oil Recovery & Fire Boats

The oil recovery vessels in our series are more than everyday tools

When oil spill accidents happen, oil recovery vessels are among the best tools for managing and cleaning the affected areas. The need for these very specialized vessels is, however, very small most of the time. Another typical problem is that the vessels tend to be too large to effectively operate in the cramped waterways and shallow areas typical to the shores around the Baltic Sea. The solution to the problems: the Work ORV-series of oil recovery boats provided by Kewatec AluBoat. The Work ORV family is built according to the view that in order for an oil recovery vessel to be cost-effective, it has to be able to function as an everyday tool as well, while still serving its purpose as a thoroughbred oil recovery vessel. This is possible due to the integrated oil recovery equipment in the boats. The oil recovery vessels of Kewatec AluBoat are, as a whole, balanced designs. The boats are able to work offshore as well as in the confines of inner archipelagoes. Vessels can also be equipped with extinguishing equipment, whereby they also serves as a fire boats. Also, several vessels are equipped for oil recovery amongst ice floes.