Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec builds workboat to Sweden


Kewatec AluBoat has signed a shipbuilding agreement with Swedish company ÅBT Rederi AB from Stockholm regarding a delivery of a 15 m workboat, KEWATEC WORK 1500-2.

Kewatec WORK 1500-2 is a very popular boat. It measures only 14,95 x 5,15 meter but is equipped with a surprisingly big cargo capacity. Excavators and other heavy equipment work well on the reinforced aluminium deck.

The radio-controlled loading crane is an extremely handy tool, for example, if you need to lift rooftiles directly onto the customer’s roof.

Even though, the boat is a strong and multitalented work horse, it is surprisingly fast. Equipped with double inboard engines, the top speed is over 30 knots. The draft is minimal – only 60 cm in unloaded condition.

The vessel is equipped with a wheelhouse, which can be hinged forward for easy engine changes or other measures needing bigger access to the engine room. In the wheelhouse, there is everything needed – two suspension seats, plenty of storage space and a pantry with cold and hot water supply.

The boat will be delivered in August 2018.