Solutions for critical infrastructure needs

Solutions for critical infrastructure needs

Kewatec offers a comprehensive range of specialized boats designed to support and meet the needs of critical infrastructure. Our boats cater to the demands of various industries, ports, waterways, and infrastructure sites. Engineered for peak performance, durability, and versatility, our infrastructure boats are designed to excel.

Ideal for transportation, maintenance, piloting, inspections, surveys, and safety tasks where a reliable and efficient transport solution is essential, our infrastructure boats are well-suited for a range of applications. Whether it’s a bridge construction project, piloting task, port maintenance, underwater structure inspection, or any other infrastructure-related task, you can trust Kewatec boats.

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Fast, versatile, reliable

Known for their performance, strength, and versatility, these workboats won’t let you down. With decades of experience in the industry, Kewatec’s workboats are recognized for their performance and reliability. Whether working in deep or shallow waters, our versatile boats can handle any task.

Explore our product families

Our product families offer versatile and reliable solutions for various needs. Explore our boats and find the perfect boat companion for your work or project. Tell us your key requirements – whether it’s speed, passenger capacity, or classification – and we will recommend the perfect boat for you.

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Product Catalogue

In our product catalog PDF, we have basic information about our boats. Boats are categorized in product groups and are presented in length order.

Our way of working

In history, we’ve manufactured hundreds of boats. Our in-house design department designs our boats, and we tailor the boats according to your needs. All delivered boats are pieces of art and made for professional use.

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