Competence & Technology

Aluminum know-how

Strong know-how in aluminum is at the core of Kewatec´s operations. Aluminum is a light and carefree material when compared with steel structures. When correctly assembled and handled, aluminum is virtually corrosion-proof.

Boats with aluminum hulls can carry heavier loads due to their lightweight. The lightweight also enables the achievement of faster speeds as well as lower fuel consumption.

Due to the production material, when necessary, modifications to the hull and cabin can be done relatively easily and quickly. In addition, the 100% recyclability of the hull material at the end of the life cycle of the boats, is one of our environmental awareness factors.

Skilled employees - investing in education is the key component

Our personnel is constantly trained and certified to ensure continuous improvement. As a result of education and knowledge, we are constantly increasing personal motivation as well as improving process quality.

Therefore, we invest in our employees’ expertise and skills by providing them with precisely designed training and developing practical work. 

Safety and comfort

Crew safety and comfort are our top priorities. The Kewatec boat range includes self-righting models and comfortable, ergonomic cabins and crew accommodation. We want to guarantee the crew a safe, reliable, and comfortable stay both at sea and in port.

Working comfort on board is further enhanced by the low sound level of Kewatec boats, which has been achieved by resiliently mounted wheelhouses, isolated from the hull by elastic structures.

Networking - Finnish maritime network forms a base for flexibility with superior quality

A large part of the boats manufactured in Finland are made in areas where Kewatec has operations. 75% of Finnish boats are exported. The number of companies related to boat design and production is huge: part manufacturers, sub-suppliers, design offices, and specialized maritime expertise. Being an active part of this network has been one of the reasons for Kewatec’s success.

Hybrid and electrical solutions

Kewatec has invested profoundly in sustainability and the development of hybrid and fully electric propulsion systems. Several hybrid-powered boats are either in process or have been delivered to satisfied customers.

The first fully electric solutions are on the design board and Kewatec has engaged in a customer project for developing a hydrogen-fueled vessel.

Design department

Kewatec’s in-house naval engineering department covers all design phases from concept and basic design to detail design. CFD analyses, stability calculations, and propulsion metrics are performed for each boat and guarantee design capability, performance, and sustainable lifecycle costs.

Intense cooperation with national regulation boards and Classification Societies (IACS members) guarantee safety and compliance.

Capacity, equipment, and premises

Kokkola has its hull production for aluminum hulls in modern premises, where over 20 welders work, all are certified, welders. Everyone has access to the latest Fronius welding machines. We have our engine installers, electrical installers, plumbers, and hydraulic installers. In Kokkola, we have an internal design and engineering team consisting of 10 engineers and marine architects. The aluminum skills of engineers, welders, and mechanical installers are the result of continuous training and a long history of building different types of aluminum boats.

In Kälviä, near Kokkola, Kewatec manufactures hulls for the boats.

The production team in Porvoo consists of approx. 20 own key people and a large number of strategic partners, all with their special key competencies. Usually, a total of 40-50 people work with different workboat projects, and even here calibrated Fronius welding machines are used. The work is mainly performed by certified welders, technicians for mechanical installations, electricians, hydraulic experts, and interior technicians/carpenters.

All our key people have an extensive individual boat and ship experience. Our heated production facilities are by the sea and are purposefully built. Launchings and test drives can be carried out easily in the vicinity of our premises. The extensive outdoor spaces enable efficient boat handling.

Martec is a subsidiary (67%) of Oy Kewatec Aluboat Ab based in Bergen, Norway. Martec sells professional commercial vessels and sales of marine engines and other marine equipment to the professional market. Martec also handles service and repair in collaboration with selected partners.


We have delivered almost 800 professional boats to various authorities and on the map below in blue, you will see a few places where we have delivered our boats.

Certificates & Memberships

Kewatec holds the following standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 3834-2 (quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials). The AQAP 2110 (NATO) standard has been applied to the entire company during 2021. Kewatec is a member of AFDA (Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries), Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Technology Industries.

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