Kewatec Aluboat


Kewatec Aluboat

Our foundation

Aluminium Know-How

A strong know-how in aluminium is the foundation of Kewatec AluBoatĀ“s operations. Aluminium is a light and a carefree material when compared with steel structures. When correctly assembled and handled, aluminium is virtually corrosion-proof. Due to their light weight, transport vessels with an aluminium hull can carry heavier loads. The light weight also enables the achievement of faster speeds as well as lower fuel consumption.

Kewatec employees

Skilled employees

Investing in education is the key component

Our personnel are constantly trained and tested to ensure continuous improvement. As a result of education and knowledge, we have a constantly increasing personal motivation as well as an improving process quality. Therefore, we invest in our employees’ expertise and skills by providing them with precisely designed training and developing practical work.



Ostrobothnian maritime network forms a base for flexibility with superior quality

The majority of Finnish boats are made in Ostrobothnia and about 75% of them are exported. The number of companies related to boat design and production is huge: part manufacturers, sub-suppliers, design offices and specialized maritime expertise. Being an active part of this network has been one of the reasons for Kewatec AluBoat’s success.