Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec Pilot 1620

The hull structure of the Pilot 1620 is based on that of the earlier model in our series of pilot boats, the Pilot 1500, which is extensively used in the Finnish and Swedish pilot stations. The Pilot 1620 comes with double inboard engines with straight shafts and FPP propellers of Duplex SS.

The comprehensive navigation package covers both double radars, large screens, LED searchlights, as well as a gyrostabilized IR camera. The boat is also equipped with lifesaving and MOB equipment, which is proven to function even in the roughest of sea weathers. The MOB boom and the rescue cradle are always in place. Life rafts are automatically deployed.

The engine room and the equipment spaces are engineered with a service approach in mind. The wheelhouse of the boat is mounted flexible, and the extraordinarily low sound level enhances comfort.

On the inside, the Pilot 1620 hull is roomy enough for full standing height of crew members.

Model Pilot Boats
Length 16.2 m
Beam 5.1 m
Displacement 18.5 t
Engine 2x 368 kW - 500 HP
Fuel 2400 LITER
Speed 27 KN
Draft 1.2 m
Crew 1
Passengers 6

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