Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec Pilot 1500

A larger version of Pilot 1200, equipped with more working space and a toilet. The larger hull size enables more versatile equipment and makes the boat more stable. The low sound level of Pilot 1500 further enhances working comfort.

Due to their light weight displacement, Kewatec pilot boats have the lowest possible fuel consumption. Pilot 1500, equipped with two Scania 450 hp engines, is able to reach a top speed of 27 knots.


Model Pilot Boats
Length 15.4 m
Beam 5.1 m
Displacement 17 t
Engine 2x 331kW/450 hp HP
Propulsion Propeller
Fuel 1600 LITER
Speed 27 KN
Draft 1.2 m
Crew 1
Passengers 6

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