Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec Passenger 2400

The Kewatec Passenger 2400 is a passenger boat designed for the fast and effortless traffic in archipelagos. The boat can seat as much as 200 passengers in the traffic area E, and is additionally certified for 130 people in the area D.

The Passenger 2400 is created specifically for traveling in archipelago, and the boat is also ideal for carrying disabled people. The structure enables both municipal as well as charter and special transport.

The machinery consists of two Scania DI16 marine diesel engines inluding a Twindisc MGX reverse gear connected to both shafts and steinless Steelcraft dublex propellers. The design of the machine room follows specifically the new Tier3 emission regulations.The boat is equipped with a 420 kg Sleipner thruster.

The navigation equipment in the vessel is from Advento and Furuno. Hydraulic steering works with both the steering wheel as well as joysticks.

The boat model has received praise for its low sound level. The noise level is below 70 dB in the salon, and as low as 55 dB in the wheelhouse with full engine power.

Model Passenger Boats
Length 23.9 m
Beam 6.5 m
Displacement 41 t
Engine 2 x 750 HP
Propulsion Propeller
Fuel 4000 LITER
Speed 24 KN
Draft 1.6 m
Crew 2
Passengers 200
Class SE - D

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