Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec Passenger 1100 WJ

Passenger 1100 WJ is a medium-weight addition to the Kewatec AluBoat Passenger family. Thanks to its twin waterjets, the taxi boat is extremely agile and easy to manoeuvre precisely, even at low speeds, making it right for traveling in the the narrow straits of the inner archipelago. Despite the relatively small hull size, it offers very much to its users, with up to 21 passengers being able to travel comfortably in the spacy cabin at a top speed of 32 knots.

Model Passenger Boats
Length 11.5 m
Beam 3.5 m
Displacement 8.5 t
Engine 2x 370 HP
Propulsion Waterjet
Fuel 600 LITER
Speed 32 KN
Crew 1
Passengers 21

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