Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec WORK 1500 ORV

The Kewatec Work 1500 ORV is an E-class oil recovery vessel certified according to the environmental regulations in Finland. The boat is built to collect and handle oil spill with modern oil recovery equipment installed for efficient operation. The vessel comes with a 5 cm ice-strengthened hull, a deck mounted 3.7 tm crane and a fire pump with an output of 3000 l / min. There is an accommodation for three people.

Model Fire Fighting & Oil Recovery Boats
Length 14.9 m
Beam 4.5 m
Displacement 15.3 t
Engine 2x 233 HP
Fuel 2200 LITER
Speed 18 KN
Draft 1.2 m
Crew 8
Class E

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