Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec WORK 1400 ORV

The Kewatec Work 1400 ORV is an E-class oil recovery vessel, certified in accordance with the directives of the Finnish environmental administration. The boat is built to operate independently, meaning that the modern oil skimming equipment both recover the oil and put it in sacks, without the need of assistance from other vessels. The oil recovery boat is also equipped with a large and an open cargo deck, where up to 200 meters of oil containment booms for littoral use can be transported. On the deck, there is also a mounting point for the onboard crane, which is used to handle and deploy the oil containment booms. The ability of Work 1400 ORV to operate independently gives the vessel a very short response time in case of an oil spill accident, as the recovery and containment work can begin as soon as the oil recovery vessel reaches the scene of the accident. Kewatc Aluboat’s experience in building aluminium boats for use in the demanding environment of the Nordic countries, with harsh climate and constricted inshore waters, means that the Work 1400 ORV is an agile and a versatile working boat. It is well suited for use in the narrow archipelagoes typical to the Finnish coastline. The hull is reinforced to withstand operations on ice, and the propeller is shielded to protect it from damage in case of an accidental grounding. The boat is also capable of recovering oil in shallow waters close to shore, or amongst thin ice floes.

Model Fire Fighting & Oil Recovery Boats
Length 14.7 m
Beam 4.5 m
Displacement 13 t
Engine 1x 450 HP
Propulsion Propeller
Fuel 1060 LITER
Speed 18 KN
Draft 1.2 m
Crew 8
Class 1

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