Kewatec Aluboat


The ambulance, fire and rescue vessel Kewatec Work 1370 Rescue is designed in cooperation with the experienced rescue personnel for harsh conditions and difficult tasks. No compromises have been made.

The boat is powerful but still very economical. Two Volvo Penta D8 engines, together with the IPS propulsion system, give it a top speed of 35 knots. Computer-controlled joystick control makes handling the boat easy. You can turn it around in place, move it sideways or even maintain its position with Dynamic Positionsystem.

Because the Work 1370 Rescue is also a firefighting boat, it is equipped with a powerful fire pump. The fire pump works with its own diesel generator. The pressurized water is lead to the deck for the water intake points and to the water cannon.

Above all, the Work 1370 Rescue is an ambulance boat. That’s why it’s equipped with Pensi multifunctional stretcher. The stretchers can be pushed from the pier to the boat and lock in place. In addition, the stretcher can be lifted hydraulically. This is especially necessary when carrying heavy patients. Of course, the boat is also equipped with first aid equipment.

The Work 1370 Rescue’s navigation equipment is comprehensive. Including three 19-inch touch screens with dual radar screens, bottom sounder, VHF phones, etc. The remote-controlled and gyro-stabilized thermal camera helps to find the victim also in the dark.

The boat has excellent, manually or electronically controlled search lights. There is lots of lights in the Work 1370 Rescue, both indoors and outdoors, considering nighttime usage, work lights on deck and bow to help you get to the shore. All these lights are made with modern LED technology that saves wires and electricity. The system bus Empirbus also simplifies cabling and limits weight.

The boat is light considering how tough it has been built. After all, it’s made of sea aluminium.

Work 1370 Rescue is fully designed and built on the Kewatec AluBoat dock in Kokkola.


Model Fire Fighting & Oil Recovery Boats
Length 13.7 m
Beam 3.8 m
Displacement 14 t
Engine 2x500 HP
Propulsion IPS
Fuel 1000 LITER
Speed 35 KN
Draft 1.2 m
Crew 2
Passengers 10
Class CE

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