Kewatec AluBoat

Kewatec Fast Patrol 1630

Fast Patrol 1630 is a rapid interceptor boat designed for different patrolling duties. The boat can be easily customized according to customer needs. The boat has a silent and modern wheelhouse which is safe for the crew to work in.

The hull of the boat is designed for secure and fast surveillance work. It can be equipped with engines powerful enough for the speed of 55 kn. The vessel is perfect tool for wide range of professionals from coast guard to police.

It has large wheelhouse with lot of working space and modern navigation system which can be equipped with IR-camera.

Model Fast Patrol Boats
Length 16.3 m
Beam 3.7 m
Displacement 20 t
Engine 2x1150 HP
Propulsion Waterjet
Fuel 2200 LITER
Speed 55 KN
Class DNV-GL

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