Kewatec Aluboat

Kewatec Easy 7.1 Offshore

Kewatec Easy 7.1 Offshore is a part of the new generation of light research and survey vessels. The structure of the hull is based on that of the boats in the Easy series, but the Offshore model is tailored specifically to suit its new missions. The most significant difference between the model and the baseline Easy 7.1 is that the Offshore is certified for the Finnish interior traffic area III. This means that the 7.1 Offshore can safely operate on the open sea, as long as the boat does not undertake international journeys. The cargo-carrying capacity is also larger than in the Easy 7.1, and the general layout of the boat has been altered. In Offshore, six people can be seated in the aft of the steering module, with a canvas roof providing a certain amount of protection from the elements. Additional two passengers can be seated on the two small benches in the fore part of the boat.

The boat is equipped for mapping and inventorying duties, with divers sometimes being employed to aid in the inventorying. Because of this, high demands are placed on the ability to safely deploy and retrieve a diver in full gear, something achieved through the use of Kewatec AluBoat’s patented Easy bow ramp. A numerous amount of different electronic systems is also needed (such as underwater cameras, a side-scan sonar, and a differential GPS). The boat is well-equipped for its size. Due to the size restrictions imposed by the 7- metre long hull, it is not practical to employ the systems in parallel. Because of this, all sub-systems are integrated with the boat’s navigational and steering system.

The Finnish forestry agency Metsähallitus was the launch customer, and has received four boats in the summer of 2012 and a fifth boat in the summer of 2013.

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Length 7.45 m
Beam 2.5 m
Displacement 1.9 t
Engine 1x 150-250 HP
Propulsion Outboard
Fuel 350 LITER
Speed 38 KN

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