Fire Fighting & Oil Recovery Boats​

Fire fighting vessels are truly one of our speciality

More Than Everyday Tools

Fire Fighting & Oil Recovery boats are truly one of our specialties. These boats must be ready to move and perform when the alarm goes. Therefore, each FiFi-vessel is optimized for the required and specified tasks, whether them being firefighting, diving and rescue support, emergency towing, equipment transport to islands, oil spill response, or any other hard work duty that is expected from the fire brigades.

This means reliable boats which can move safely and fast to the scene of operation and systems that work flawlessly in any circumstance, even in icy conditions.

We design and build each boat to the customer’s specifications with all systems included such as eg. fire pumps and fire monitors. The firefighting vessels typically also comprise complex hydraulic systems and control systems, which we naturally include in our deliveries. Available firefighting vessel designs for immediate production in sizes 8-23 meters.

Our Fire Fighting & Oil Recovery Boats

The Work OSR family is built for the boat to be cost-effective. The boat must be able to function as an everyday multirole boat as well, while still serving its purpose as a thoroughbred oil spill recovery boat. This is possible as the design of the vessel, including special equipment, is made for the purpose from start.


The oil spill recovery boats of Kewatec are well-balanced designs. The boats can work offshore as well as in the confines of the inner archipelagos. Vessels can also be equipped with firefighting equipment, whereby they also serve as fire and rescue boats. Also, several boats are equipped for oil recovery amongst ice floes.

Product Catalogue

In our product catalog PDF, we have basic information about our boats. Boats are categorized in product groups and are presented in length order.

Our way of working

In history, we’ve manufactured hundreds of boats. Our in-house design department designs our boats, and we tailor the boats according to your needs. All delivered boats are pieces of art and made for professional use.

Can we design, make and produce your upcoming boats as well?