Work 1200 OSR

The multipurpose Kewatec Work 1200 OSR has a very wide field of usage due to its high capacities.

With two inboard diesel engines, the top speed is over 35 knots with a low fuel consumption of 4,5 litres per nautical mile. The twin waterjet installation enables shallow draft operation and provides very good maneuverability.

The boat is equipped with an efficient fire pump of 3000 l/min @ 8 bar pressure.  The deck has outlets and fixing points for oil recovery equipment.

The all-new design also features a wheelhouse with a 360-degree view, suspension seats for 3 crew, and further seating for 4 crew. The wheelhouse has both an aft door as well as a sliding door on the starboard side for smooth deck accessibility. For stretcher patients, the wheelhouse has an extra hatch in the front wall.

The 3 tm hydraulic loading crane is radio-controlled and equipped with a wire winch. The outreach is 4,7 meters, still lifting up to 630 kg items. The boat could carry up to 4 tons of deck cargo and the 1,8-meter wide hydraulic bow ramp made loading easy.

The extensive LED-lighting includes work lights, bow lights as well as searchlights. In addition, separate dimmable night lighting is available both inside and on the deck.

+ FIFI + OSR + Rescue

Application Civil Security
Length 12,5 M
Beam 4,1 M
Engine 2 x 300 – 500 HP
Propulsion Waterjet
Fuel 600 LITER
Speed 30 – 40 KN
Draft 0.5 M
Crew 2
Passengers 10

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