Rescue 850

Designed to provide efficient and versatile search and rescue operations in various conditions, the Rescue 850 is an exceptionally equipped boat built for high performance and reliability in demanding situations.

The spacious and ergonomic cabin offers optimal visibility and easy maneuverability. The Rescue 850 is well-suited for a range of rescue missions, including evacuating people on the water, conducting search and first aid operations, and general water rescue tasks.

The Rescue 850 combines high performance with durable construction. Its powerful engine enables swift movement when needed, while its stable and well-designed hull ensures safe and balanced operations in different weather conditions.

+ Patrol + Rescue

Application Civil Security
LOA 8,45 M
Beam 3,25 M
Engine Range 2 x 300 – 400HP
Propulsion Outboard
Speed Range 40 – 55 KN
Fuel 2 x 300 L
Crew 6 persons
Self-righting capability

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