Patrol 1200

The Patrol 1200: Versatile Coastal Patrol Vessel

The Patrol 1200 stands as a swift coastal patrol vessel designed to accommodate the core functions of the Police and Border Guards. Moreover, it is purposefully crafted as an oil spill response boat, equipped to transport both equipment and a personnel complement of up to 12 individuals.

This vessel excels in search and rescue operations, further featuring the capacity to hoist and transport a 5-meter boat to its rear deck. The bow ramp, coupled with integrated stairs, facilitates water level access, ensuring seamless task execution and smooth approaches to the shallow archipelago shores.

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Application Civil Security, Patrol
Length 11,9 M
Beam 3,3 M
Engine Range 700 – 1100 HP
Propulsion Waterjet
Fuel 900 L
Speed Range 30 – 45 KN
Draft 0.75 M
Crew 1
Passengers 11

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