Passenger 2400

The Passenger 2400 is purpose-built for efficient archipelago travel, capable of accommodating 200 passengers in area E traffic, and certified for 130 people in area D. This versatile vessel is ideal for both municipal and charter transport, with accessibility features for disabled passengers.

Its design adheres to the latest Tier 3 emission regulations, and it’s equipped with a 420 kg Sleipner thruster for enhanced maneuverability. Hydraulic steering operates seamlessly with both the steering wheel and joysticks. Notably, the boat has received accolades for its low noise levels, measuring below 70 dB in the salon and as low as 55 dB in the wheelhouse at full engine power.

+ Passenger

Application Infrastructure
Length 23,9 M
Beam 6,5 M
Engine Range 2 x 650 – 1000 HP
Propulsion Propeller
Fuel 4000 L
Speed Range 20 – 25 KN
Draft 1,6 M
Crew 2
Passengers 130-200

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