Ambulance 2280 CAT

Discover the Kewatec Ambulance 2280 CAT, a specialized boat for maritime emergency medical missions that combines safety, speed, and versatility. Our Kewatec Ambulance 2280 CAT is engineered to deliver performance in emergencies. Its powerful engines and catamaran hull enable swift responses in all conditions.

The boat features a dedicated patient compartment designed to provide a secure and stable environment for emergency medical care, even in stormy weather. All equipment is strategically positioned for easy access. The Ambulance 2280 CAT is suitable for a variety of maritime emergency medical tasks. The boat offers versatile solutions, whether it’s urgent patient transfer, first aid, or evacuation.

The boat’s robust structure and materials ensure durability even in demanding conditions. The Ambulance 2280 CAT is a reliable partner in all maritime rescue missions.

+ Ambulance + CAT + Rescue

Application Civil Security
Length 22,8 M
Beam 7,6 M
Engine Range 2 x 700 – 1000 HP
Propulsion Waterjet
Speed Range 25 – 35 KN


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