Kewatec Aluboat


Martti Vaahtoranta, 29.5.2020



It is not about the big income, but small expenses!

Us slightly older finns, whose parents have experienced two wars and the austery-era followed by it, have learned to save money. “It is not about big incomes, but rather small expenses.” So we have often heard people say. Repeatedly.

This frugal and cautious attitude is not necessarily good for the consumer demand that drives the economy. For the individual, however, it may be the only chance to survive day to day. Or at least this way one can purchase something functional and fun, which they could not otherwise afford.

It could also be that the “No big incomes” -attitude is becoming a globally significant principle. The resources of the earth are finite. One cannot consume more than what one earns.

In every case, this principle plays a significant role in business economics. The income of the company is always set in proportion to the expenses.

And in Kewatec, expenses are garnered from many other things besides employee salary or workspace rent. Annually, a  large sum of processed materials and installed equipment travels through Kewatec, from manufacturer to consumer. And all of the materials and equipment need to be purchased before they can be worked on or installed.

Thus the high-quality sea aluminun has its price, and the boats are powered by large, efficient and expensive motors. Behind the boat’s upholstery and underneath the dock lies an enormous amount of electric cables that connect to numerous high-class equipment, without which the boat cannot be steered nor navigated. All of this costs money.

It does not cross a layman’s mind, what an enormous amount of, for example hoses, switches and buttons, paper clips and so on go into making a one, big workboat. Every single bit and piece costs something.


The purchase manager needs to be precise

This is the area that is Marko Kujala’s expertise. His work is extremely important in terms of Kewatec’s profitability, but also in ensuring that progress is made.

Marko indeed is the one, who is constantly searching the market and looking for suitable products, which have a price-quality ratio that matches Kewatec’s needs. He is looking for suitable suppliers whom he invites to tender. He makes supply contracts and plans the buying strategy.

This is how Marko also ensures that the products are not only high-quality and affordable, but also that they arrive at proper times. It is almost unbearable, if a nearly finished boat is missing for example windows (which should be installed inside the hall in a warm temperature) when it is time to move the boat outside to wait for its launching. In the installation hall, other boats are breathing down its neck, as other new projects that are undertaken in the hall should be given free room already.

The manufacturing process at Kewatec is like a skillfully finished functioning machine which starts to cough even if one tiny detail does not work as it is supposed to. And money is even a more immediate matter.  Even a good project may turn into a bad one if the price-quality ratio is not where it should be in the products that are used in the boat.


From the deep inland to standing by the sea

Hired at the end of the year 2018, Marko is an important addition to the skilled staff of Kewatec.

Marko was a son born to an agriculturalist family living in a deep inland Central Ostrobothnian town called Halsua. There are multiple lakes, but Marko says that he enjoys being at the coast more.

After finishing grade school, Marko acquired a Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration and specialized in accounting. This could be regarded as a basis for his position as a purchase manager at Kewatec.

Marko’s career, however, started in a completely different direction, as he became a stand-in for a farmer at first in Halsua and afterwards in Kälviä. He did work for DeLavalin for two years, but that did not necessarily light a way towards the coast for him, although that job did match what Marko was schooled for, and was connected to his job within agricultural service.

Another thing could be said, perhaps, about a certain hobby which Marko had, and which became his job for a while. His interests in computers enabled him to work for a firm called Data Hatekki for two years. It is impossible to imagine a modern company with buying strategy free of technology.


The road is calling, and snow

At that point Marko and his family had lived in Kälviä for a long time already. Marko’s wife is from there. His family includes also a grown-up daughter.

However, Marko did not become a boat-enthusiast while living in Kälviä. He enjoys being on on the road as opposed to sailing on the sea. During summer time he rides to work with  quite an impressive motorcycle. Sometimes the journey home is delayed, as a 25 kilometer journey does not satisfy his craving to drive on the open roads, especially if the weather allows it. And during winter Marko rides a snowmobile, often during his one week long vacation in Lapland.


A boat-enthusiast after all

On the other hand Marko has been a man of boats for long now. From 2007 till the end of 2018 he was employed by a company called Finn Marin in Kokkola, where he worked as a buyer in their office in Kölitie and after a while he become responsible for all purchasing in Landeperä’s branch. At times he also took care of the shipments to subcontractors in Veteli, Valkeakoski and Sammatti.

The processes of purchasing within the boat-industry were thus familiar to Marko, when Finn Marin’s neighbouring company Kewatec AluBoat sent out a vacancy for a purchase manager in the fall 2018. Marko did not hesitate to offer his skills to a company that would embrace them.


The job is demanding, but the atmosphere is great

“The job is demanding but allows for independence. It is made easier by the  work community, which consists of enduring workers who all support each other. The atmosphere at work is very nice. I enjoy being at my new workplace so much and I wish to do my part in building a good future for Kewatec”, Marko says.

Marko already knows Kewatec as an employer, that he dares to recommend Kewatec to others as well: “The coast of Ostrobothnia is known for its boat-industry and Kewatec AluBoat is a highly respected employer.”

Well, yes: it is us humans who build boats and buy the products necessary for making them. That is why people and the work atmosphere should be cared for. And upon Marko’s arrival to the company  it has definitely not gotten worse, but if it is even possible – it has gotten better.