Kewatec Aluboat


Martti Vaahtoranta, 15.10.2020

An electrician may sometimes be needed even in Germany – ONE DOES NOT GET BORED AT KEWATEC


A father’s tip

Information about good job opportunities is often heard through grapevines. The information becomes especially credible if it is heard from one’s own father.

This is what happened to Joonas Toivonen. There are crane trucks inside the halls of Kewatec, but none on the shore. That is why whenever needed, crane truck -services are ordered, sometimes even two trucks.

Joonas’ father operates this giant truck. He is in E. Helaakoski’s crane truck company’s service and has lifted and transported Kewatec’s boats afloat, and perhaps sometimes even from ashore back into terra firma. He told Joonas about a job opportunity at Lahdenperä’s industrial area, located by the seashore and on the outskirts of the town.

A young man, yet an experienced electrician

Joonas was born in Oulu, but he is practically a citizen of Kälviä. That is where he lives still. During his freetime Joonas plays frisbeegolf, floorball and ice-hockey. Sometimes he works with cars. That may run in the family.

Joonas is a certified electrician. Although he is very young, only a quarter of a century, he still has acquired work experience from several different places. “I have been in Mesiel Oy’s service, working as an electrician in construction sites; I have done maintenance work for Freeport Cobalt Oy in Kokkola and in Rani Plast’s factory in Teerijärvi.  Before coming to Kewatec I was employed by Linex-Boat Oy -dockyard, a company that produces Nord Star -boats in Kälviä,” Joonas says.

From leisure boats to work boats

“At Linex we worked by the same principles as at Kewatec, but still differently,” he continues. Although leisure boats that have been built in the Ostrobothnia can be plain-looking “scouting boats”, they have still been designed as leisure time boats. At Kewatec, however, boats are built according to the standards for work boats, even when they are manufactured for enjoyment purposes.

Joonas himself does not own a boat, and if his previous job at the dockyard is not included, he did not have a special bond with the sea when he found his way to Kewatec in 2018. Now he works right by the shore and sometimes even afloat, when finishing touches are being added onto a nearly finished boat in the dockyard. And test runs for boats are also included in his schedule.

A business trip to the beaches by the southern Baltic

At Kewatec one may be called out for international duties. Sometimes one has to travel abroad in the aftermath of a boat shipment to make sure that everything works out in the way that the customer wants to.

Thus the Steinbutt -fishing patrol boat (Kewatec Patrol 1560), shipped to Rostock, Germany in 2018, had to be worked on by an electrician when it was already afloat on the southern Baltic. So Joonas flew to Hamburg with his colleague, and finished his job in Warnemünde. The water pump was fixed. The customer was pleased and Joonas was one experience wiser.

A versatile job and nice colleagues

Electricity is electricity, whether it pulses through a high voltage cable in electrical lines in a forest, or whether it is stored in the structures of a newly built house or within an aluminum engine room and an instrument board. A fitter is always needed, so that electricity can be used for the purposes it was meant for.

This is what Joonas does at Kewatec. And when it is about boats and especially aluminum boats, fittings have to be done according to specific standards and preconditions, that have to be taken into account, so that under difficult conditions even, complex machineries work and the voltaic flow does not corrode the aluminum hull. “I like the versatility of my job. It includes enough challenges, but not too many. And once in a while I need to design too,” Joonas says.

He also says that he enjoys being a part of the work community. “We have a laid-back atmosphere. Filled with humor.” An occasional visitor in the equipment  halls of Kewatec can verify Joonas’ comments. Joonas embodies the spirit of the workplace.

And so he is ready to do the same that his father did to him: recommend Kewatec as a workplace.