Kewatec Aluboat

Aluminium don´t smell

Martti Vaahtoranta, 6.11.2017

I´ve grown up with wooden boats. My present boat is produced from glass fibre, and I am giving it proper service in the autumns, springs and during the winter as well.

The odours from my childhood; tar, varnished pinewood and mahogany but also the unpleasant smell from polyester resin did always bring promising feelings about coming summer and sunny waters to the boat shows. They were a bit like the red Miranol paint my dad used on the deck planks at the sunny pier when the sea still was cold, but the air warm in leeward places.

Therefore, when I started at Kewatec as a new employee and walked through the marine cluster on my way to the factory – it didn´t feel awkward at all that the area smelled polyester. I automatically assumed that inside the Kewatec facilities would be some kind of smell; mahogany dust, flaxseed oil or even the disgusting resin smell.

But no! I was hit by something completely different: clean and bright production halls, with shining aluminium chips here and there – but no smell at all. And the halls were filled with aluminium boat shapes of all kind – some upside down, some only with the bone structure fitted and some already beautifully welded together.

But the smell was missing.

Well, of course, welding causes smoke. And the paint is smelling as it is curing in the paint facility. I haven´t just noticed it.

So, it is wonderful to be working at a boat factory, without having to bother about the smell.