Kewatec Aluboat

Another ORV-shipbuilding contract


Jaakko Pukkinen from Kokkola rescue Department and the CEO of Kewatec AluBoat, Jens Ahlskog, signed on 10.10.2017 a shipuilding contract regarding a H-class Oil recovery vessel. The boat will be located in the city of Kokkola.

The new boat building contract is a continuation of a long loop of deliveries of Oil recovery vessels to Finnish waters. Kewatec has throughout the years been delivering several vessels to the north and south, as well as to the inland lake district. In the first half of 2018, Kewatec will also deliver new vessels to the cities of Lappeenranta (E-class), Pori (F-class) and Kotka (C-class).

Jens Ahlskog stated during the signing ceremony that “it is an honour to build boats protecting people”. This goal corresponds to Kewatec values very well.