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About us



Our story

Oy Kewatec AluBoat Ab began its operations in 1998. The founder of the Company, Karl-Erik Wargh, is an experienced professional who has worked with boats since the late 1970s. His previous company, Alumina Varvet, developed through multiple phases from an aluminium boat building company to a high-tech water jet propulsion manufacturer – today owned by Kongsberg. Both companies are still located in Kokkola, at the west coast of Finland.

Kewatec has produced hundreds of vessels. Today, there are over 30 different standard models which can easily be modified to a customer’s specific need. The product groups include work boats, passenger boats, oil recovery vessels, pilot boats as well as pleasure crafts – all designed for really rough offshore use.



Openness, integrity, and total liability

The basis of our operations is a strong know-how in aluminium. Around this, we have built a functional process, allowing our customers to receive a well-finished and a reliable vessel to meet even their most demanding needs. Our operations are driven by the values of our Company: openness, integrity, and total liability. Today, Kewatec AluBoat is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium boats, employing over 70 people. We design the boats mainly by ourselves, using modern design and modelling software. Our mode of operation ensures that we take our customers’ needs into consideration right from the tender and preliminary planning stages.

Our staff is continuously working to improve the efficiency and quality in all areas of our Company from production to delivery. In addition to the quality of our work, we also invest in constant product development. Our goal is to become the most efficient supplier of aluminium boats in the Nordic countries.

Jens Ahlskog – CEO



Tailored solutions for demanding requirements

We produce tailored solutions reliably to meet challenging conditions and tough use. We build cost-effective and practical tools for our customers, ensuring long-life products. By putting a lot of effort into engineering, we have created boats with extremely low sound level and optimal fuel consumption. Together with our skilled staff and reliable subcontractors, we work to fulfil even the most demanding of our customers’ requirements. Our location in the traditional core area of Finnish boat building, Central Ostrobothnia, guarantees that we are surrounded by a strong network of skillful professionals who know the demands and requirements of seafaring and can meet custmers’ various needs.



From planning to execution

When designing the hull and cabin, we take the customer’s wishes into consideration already at the preliminary planning stage when making the first draft of the boat. After this, weight, performance, strength, stability as well as other necessary calculations are performed on the basis of the preliminary plan.

Due to the production material, when necessary, modifications to the hull and cabin can be done relatively easily and quickly.

We also consider the intended use of the boat, the boating rules of the country where it will be used and the planned maritime area. When all these components are combined into a package, we end up with a superb whole which fulfils both the requirements of authorities and the expectations of customers.



Low sound levels and a good working environment

When designing the interior, the customer’s wishes are taken into account while observing the intended use of the boat. We strive to take each activity and task performed with the boat into account at as early stage as possible, ensuring that the end result will be a convenient boat where all the necessary elements are in their right places. The choices on the surfaces and materials to be used, made in close cooperation with the customer, are aimed at reaching a lightweight as well as an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Enjoyment is further enhanced by the carefully designed cabin, which we have managed to make exceptionally quiet with a sound level of approximately 60dB. The low sound level and the high comfort level are among the main reasons why customers repeatedly select Kewatec’s boats.



Merging the preferred hull structure with the appropriate systems

When making the choice of the propulsion type, the applicable beaching and speed characteristics are considered and combined with the best possible engine type for the hull structure to reach the optimal economy and efficiency.

The boat’s intended use determines which systems and equipment are the best to achieve a practical and functional whole, right from the selection of components where durability and functionality are a priority. Another important factor is secure electric systems. In addition to the use of quality materials, our boats are audited by Kewatec AluBoat’s detailed quality control system, verifying that an excellent quality of boat package is delivered.