Kewatec Aluboat



Professor Outi Vapaavuori smashed a bottle of champagne to the hull of the boat ”Project 311″ built by Kewatec AluBoat and by that moment, the boat became the PV 2 rescue boat “Aisko”.

The name was borrowed from the wife of Mr. Reijo Rautauoma, who played a significant role in the financing of the project, Mrs. Aino-Sisko Rautauoma. Now, according to Mr Rautauoma, he has two “Aiskos” who he admires very much!

Aino-Sisko Rautauoma, Reijo Rautauoma, Outi Vapaavuori

After naming, pastor Jaakko Laasio from the Finnish Seamen’s Mission blessed the boat and it’s crew with word and prayer. Now “Aisko” is preparing herself for the time when the sea is ice-free again, as the new and long-awaited “small boat”, as the chairman of the Helsinki Sea Rescue Association, Jukka-Pekka Lumilahti, says. At the same time, the boat is a prototype of a series of 10 boats that Kewatec will supply to the Finnish Maritime Rescue Association.

The boat is 10 meters long and 3.20 meters wide. It is equipped with a 550 hp Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine and a Rolls Royce water jet propulsion unit manufactured in Kokkola.

This drive together with the low draft (0.6 meters) makes the boat not only agile, but also safe to use in shallow waters. A hydraulic bow-ramp helps to strand and lift people out of the water.

Photo: Heikki Wichmann #WichmannPalvelut